September 9, 2012

Trying to avoid pancreatitis. That is why I am still up, although I usually wake up early to work. A few hours ago, I was eating street foods with gusto, and I was with the Muse. She cautioned me not to sleep ora mismo, so here I am gate crashing in her apartment. So this is my ‘night relief,’ my throat feeling sore all over.

Yes to Nueva Camarines! That was the battle cry at the Plaza Quezon a few hours ago. I saw Congressman Luis Villafuerte there. They are holding the dance contest, and I was wondering if those young participants really know what they were dancing for. I really hope they do. Soon there will be the plebiscite. Enough has been said about the pros and cons of a new Camarines. At the end of the day, the people will have to decide.

The thing is, Cong. Luis could very well be looking at Naga City right now, Sauron style. The long-time obstacle to his way, former Mayor Jesse Robredo is gone. But again, it’s up to the people of Naga if they will let the Villafuerte’s penetrate the City Hall.


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