November 28, 2012

Been doing patintero with Manila traffic. Kevin de Quiroz in tow, we visited Ms. Dinah Ventura (The Daily Tribune), Ms. Shirley Lua (Bienvenido Santos Creative Writing Center), Manila Times, UST and FEU.

I finally have copies of the August 1 issue of The Daily Tribune where my VerSosimo article appears. I also have copies of the Sunday Times Magazine issues where my poems appeared. Said magazine is not able to reach my locality every Sunday. I was also able to hand over to Ms. Lua the nomination letter (National Artist) for Cirilo F. Bautista by young Bikol writers, all members of Ateneo Literary Asosciation (ALA, Ateneo de Naga University). And of course, the expedition is not purely pleasure but also business. Also looked for a dormitory.

Tomorrow will be the much awaited Ani 37 launch where we will play the National Anthem and other poetry music. Incidentally, we will also play the WG anthem song entitled “Hindi Kami Papayag na Walang Makata sa Lipunan.” The lyrics goes like this:

Hindi kami papayag na walang makata sa lipunan (2x)

Hinding-hinding-hinding-hinding hindi

Di kami makakapayag.

Wala na namang tula sa Inquirer magazine (2x)


Walang tula sa’ting balita.

(Guitar Solo, repeat stanza then guitar solo till end).

I would like to thank Mrs. Maria Ngo and the Filipino-Chinese community in Iriga City for nominating me for the 6th Dr. Jose P. Rizal Awards for Excellence (for Arts; Literature and Culture). Surprisingly, I landed as finalist. Past awardees include Charlson Ong, Ricardo Lee, Jose Mari Chan and Doreen Yu

I almost had a resolve to shy away from nomination-based contests, but how do you refuse and disappoint an eager nominator? Thanks again Shan-si!

Naga City is fast becoming a destination for trade and finance. Banks and hotels continue to sprout around downtown as more and more people visit the place. However, if it is a prolonged stay (for school or work), hotel bills can get quite expensive. A nice house in a nice neighborhood would then be a better choice

For just PhP15 Thousand per month the family can have the highest quality of life in the city at 19 Jasmin St., City Heights Subdivision, Naga City.

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