December 21, 2009

There’s nothing much to say really, though it’s been another year again.

Everything seems to have happened this year. My planned wedding did not push through, I found another girl, she found another guy (her Friendster profile says ‘It’s Complicated’), I went corporate, I left corporate (SM’s labor practices suck), I went into law, I left creative writing and literary criticism (for the moment). But earlier this year, I attended the Taboan International Literary Festival as a delegate, I sat as a panelist in a regional writers workshop, I saw my first book come out and win an award.

I started cleaning up my guitar gears again. I played everyday, each time with an impulse to find like-minded musicians and form a band to play live again. I wanted to write songs again, to get lost in my riffs, solos and words. Or just to get lost. There is silence in loudness, tranquility in speed.