December 2, 2013

As said earlier, it’s always fun to be with like-minded writers from time to time. One must be happy simply by knowing that people are listening. You don’t need a full-packed bar. You only need a group of five or six, so long as everybody is interested. So with the help of Santiago Villafania and Raul Funilas, I organized Multiverse/Multitongue: Poetry, Music, Art. It was held last November 6, 2013 at Tata Raul’s gallery in Antipolo here in the Philippines.


Also in attendance were Gregorio Bituin, Glen Sales, Danilo Diaz, Sergio Aragones and Lt. Gegoria Reyes. We had a grand time just reading our poems to each other after we looked at Raul Funilas’ sculptures on display. We also had food and beverage. Potluck! 



Too bad Yolanda happened right after. Our poems could not have stopped such bitch of a storm, but at least, we had a grand time before it. At the end of the day, it’s all about having meaningful time. We are only here today. So here’s some video clips of the event. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Until next time my friends. 


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