November 18, 2012

Nothing compares to a lazy Sunday with Dad. He visits rarely but we make sure it’s always quality time. I would leave my desk and prioritize our bonding spiced up by war and crime films, plus coffee and bread. Today we had “Unknown,” a 2011 film starring Liam Neeson. It’s an identity theft film with a twist. It also has a take on the conspiracy theory issues involving genetically modified crops.

Just weeks ago, a group of Bicol-based farmers trooped to the DAR office here to protest the entry of the so-called “Golden Rice” in the regional market. The farmers are alleging that it has irreversible repercussions once it gets mixed with the natural breed of rice. I do hope we are not being served “Golden Rice” without us knowing it.

Meanwhile, the Tarusan Bloc Poetry Class had a successful first session last week, November 11. I did a lecture on “Intro to Poetics” using my book “Pagsasatubuanan” as entry point. Later, we discussed poems. We examined the modernist technique of imagism. William Carlos Williams came to mind. We concluded that one pitfall of the imagist technique is too much internalization on the part of the poetic voice that there is no more room of the reader or audience. We thought that there must be balance. The atmosphere was participatory. I only led the discourse. Soon we will have the second session.

The ANI 37 launching is fast approaching! Time flies. And yes, we are still soliciting money as counterpart-budget for our transportation expenses. It’s of course for our band, The Super Poet Genome Project. My bandmates are also going around trying to solicit from supportive entities. Thanks to all those who have been supportive specially Naga City Mayor John Bongat,  Vice-Mayor Gabriel Bordado and artist Giovhanni Buen. I pray that soon, we won’t have to be doing this anymore. We will have a regular source for our budget requirement.


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