November 6, 2012

Christmas carols in the air. As they say, time flies and time does not wait. I almost associate December with Manila visits. It’s usually the time when I claim my writer’s honorarium from my publications. It’s a business and pleasure trip, as I also take time to visit friends. Most of my writer-friends are in Manila, although I am a province-based writer.

My artist-friend Giovhanni Buen paid me a visit again this weekend. He’s now operating a resort in Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte. He’s been inviting us to go over there and have a poetry gig. I know that soon, this plan will push through.

Since I have no idea how the place looks like, I surfed for travel blogs and came across an entry on the Calaguas Island by a fellow Bikol Bloggy Awards winner, Claire Blaxland of fame. Seeing her lying on the beach with “total abandon” made me see the gist of the place. 

For my daily tanaga project, I thought of Balagtas and his lamentation that if ever one of his descendants would follow his (mis)adventures as a poet, let his or her hand be cut off. Now here’s my S(tanaga)TUS for today:

Ang dapat tinuran ni Balagtas

Kaysa put’lan ng kamay

sakaling manayutay,

mga apo’y turuan

nitong kodigo penal.



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