November 2, 2012

Spent the Undas at my hometown, in one of the more remote cemetery there where my grandfolks are buried. It is an opportunity for families to get together. I also noticed that it has become a place for girl-watching. Many of the young ladies nearby were sexily clad as they tended tombs of their love ones. Bagong dugo sa lumang ugat so Wolfgang says. So here’s my S(tanaga)Tus for today:









Sa haliparot ng Undas

Ay! Mutyang haliparot
sa ibabaw ng puntod,
sa makinis mong hubog
kahit patay, lilibog!

Meanwhile, just got the initial installment of the 25th anniversary video for Ani, the CCP Literary Yearbook which will launch its 37th issue on November 29 at the CCP Promenade. Just click the link here.


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