October 30, 2012

Trapik sa may Pili! It was sickening. Or maybe I am no longer used to Manila-type traffic. I heard it’s because they closed the Diversion road. They have to rush the works then, and let the multitude pass.

Been toying with the idea of a “Stanagatus” or an FB status in the form of a tanaga, an indigenous Tagalog four-liner poetic form with monorhyme. Hmmm… Let’s us see.

Since I have been hearing in the news that former world champion Ricky Hatton is getting suicidal, here’s a sample:


Bakit ka maglalaslas
Dahil lang napabagsak.
Hatton, bilog ang bukas,
‘Di ring na parisukat.

And also, since there is this beauty pageant in China with a nipple-distance measurement requirement:


Mangyaring ‘di lang taas,
Ganda, lapad o liyad.
Kanila ring sinukat

Kung utong ay maagwat.


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