October 29, 2012

Alanganin. This is how some people would describe the October 29-30 office and class days, since starting 31st it will be a long long weekend until Monday. Here I am taking advantage of the free time I have to unwind a little. I already sent the paperworks where it should be.

It’s nice to see more and more young people frequenting the Filipiniana section of our bookstores. True, most of them seem to be looking for Bob Ong, saying: “This book  Paboritong Aklat ni Hudas must be very scary!”

That’s good enough for me. At least they are interested.

There’s some update on the Ani 37 launch. CCP has released a poster of sorts for the programme. And it turns out that my name is first in the billing–along with my band The Super Poet Genome Project. Earlier, when CCP LitDiv asked me if which portion of the program we prefer, the opening or the ending. I said we prefer the opening since we still have to do set-up and sound check. It’s true. From experience, bands tend to disrupt the flow of the performance since indeed, they have to do some twanging and twinging before they start.

Now we are gathering funds for our transportation expenses and we welcome YOUR support, yes. For the sake of literature, right? Yes.

Also, I heard there was a poetry reading last Saturday here in Naga. But due to my busyness or shall we say business of being busy, I missed it. I heard the theme was Bikol erotica. Naks! When I think of erotica, I imagine young and sexy women reading sensual poems. Like say, Mercedes Cabral. That would be a treat!


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