October 27, 2012

Walang masamang karanasan,” Jun Cruz Reyes said while munching a sandwich and holding a hot cup of coffee. He was sitting at the steps of the J. Pollock Center during the 2nd Ateneo National Writers Workshop in 2001. I was also there as fellow for English poetry, passing time for the coffee break. I asked him, “Why must poets suffer?”

Suffering and pain–some things to be accepted by one who must walk the life of a poet. An “ultra-sensitive” he must sift through the various colors and emotions of life. But as much as said emotions affect him, he must be objective. He must stand ground for he is a gate-keeper of truth. He must manipulate language and experience to arrive at truth–beautifully, to paraphrase one adage. And if he succeeds, he will attain his destiny of immortality.


2 Responses to “TO ARRIVE AT TRUTH”

  1. Out of curiosity, do you believe that all great poets thrive on sorrow? that they can’t be great if they do not suffer or haven’t suffered?

  2. hagbayon said

    Gi, thanks for dropping by.

    Yeah, I believe so. But that does not mean they are unhappy. It is just that poets to be master of all five senses must be privy to all kinds of emotions. But he must be above them and not under. He must prevail.


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