October 25, 2012

Storm is going away. I hope by tomorrow, it will be a bright day. Halloween has been following me in my room, giving me the creeps, waking me up late at night. I remember when I was still in Manila, I did not go home for the undas and stayed in my boarding house. Perhaps I wanted to experience a Manila Halloween that time. I bought a book by Jaime Licauco, his second title, “More Encounters with the Unknown.” I stayed in my room to just read. I read about his accounts on matters paranormal. I liked the article “The Hotel That Never Was,” and I could sort of relate. My Gastambide boardinghouse was quite a scary place too.

It was midnight when the boarders gathered in the sala. We thought of going out to get some beer, but got fresh fruits instead. We ate and ate that night, knowing something was watching us.

The next night I went to Mayric’s. There was a costume party there and the band Fatal Posporos was performing. I was alone in my table and their drummer sort of noticed. After their set, she joined me. She was wearing angel wings. We talked about things. It was Haloween of 1999.


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