October 22, 2012

Now my brain feels so fried up after the mental exercises I had a few hours ago. Just checked my FB today, a Monday. Yesterday I was so crancked up, buried with work at my desk. I was looking at my files the other night and realized that textpoetry contests started in the Philippines in 2003, spearheaded by the UP-ICW and the NCCA. It was February and it was for the National Art’s Month. The first installment was the Textanaga, if I’m not mistaken, and then followed by Dalitext, then Dionatext, then Textsawikain.

Now this year, Foundation for Advancing , Instruction and Talents, Inc (AWIT), organized a Dionatext Kontra Depresyon. When I saw the ad at FB, I liked the topic immediately and started to send entries. I am pretty much sure everybody gets depressed sometimes and we all know how difficult it can be. So composing my entries, I had in my mind people who are comtemplating suicide. In my highschool batch alone, we have two suicide victims, if I’m not mistaken. There could be more. Kurt Cobain was a dominant figure during our time so it would not be a surprise.

One of the entries I sent was inspired by a conversation with an artist-friend Giovhanii Buen. We were talking about the death of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo. I said that a butterfly was flying around during the time the search for his body was still on. Van said that there’s something about the butterfly. So I asked if there’s a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. He said that it could be a poetic message, an image. He said that after-all, our bodies are nothing but a temporary shell. So like the catterpillar that ends up as a butterfly, the person, upon death is freed from the limitations of this physical plane–and becomes spirit.

What a poetic idea. So while thinking of a diona to share to depressed people, this came out:

Pagkatapos gumapang

Ng uod, kaibigan.

Nagiging alibangbang.

And next thing you know, the diona wins in the Dionatext Kontra Depresyon. It’s a bonus really, because I was just happy to come up with it. Here’s the complete list of winners as lifted from Panitikan.Com:

Filliffe C. Anorico of Angono, Rizal is the third Textmakata ng Linggo with his diona:

Kung may virus ang utak,

Nagha-hang ang pangarap—

Bakit di mag-reformat?

Other finalists chosen by the judges — composed of poets, psychiatrists, and psychologists –  among more than a thousand entries include:

Angkla itong pangarap

Na lumubog sa dagat;

Natagpuan ay perlas.


Pagkatapos gumapang

Ng uod, kaibigan.

Nagiging alibangbang.


Tumingala sa ulap

At muli kang mangarap

Sa buhay ay yumakap.


Lason, lubid, kutsilyo,

lunod, bangin, gatilyo?

“Mabuhay,” aking payo.


The Makata ng Linggo will receive Php 4,000.00 cash prize and other gifts at the end of the contest month while the finalists will receive 500.00 worth of load.

The fourth week for Dionatext Kontra Depresyon started at 5:01pm last October 19 and will end at 5:00 pm on October 26. There is no limit to the number of entries a contestant may send.

For more information, email foundationawit@gmail.com or visit http://www.foundationawit.com/Dionatext_Kontra_Depresyon.pdf or http://www.facebook.com/Foundation.AWIT

There you go. Congrats to the winners and the joiners! I heard that they will collect all the entries and publish them later.


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