October 7, 2012

Folks came for a visit. Dad and I watched a really interesting sci-fi movie entitled “Source Code”. We were so into it until the last scene. I really would like to watch it again. While we were so much action packed. Mom did her thing in the kitchen. And today, she cooked kare-kare.

Anyway, I am appalled by an incident related to me by my artist-friend Giovanni Buen. I think it was last year when they organized a tribute for an Albay artist who died the other year. They invited an elder writer, a friend of the deceased. But said writer wanted to launch his book during the tribute. When Giovanni’s group trashed the idea, said writer did not attend the tribute.The attitude exhibited by said writer is detrimental to the literary culture we are building here in the Philippines and in the Bicol region. Self-absorption is truly not a trait of a real artist.

Respect lost is respect lost.

Anyway, he deserves to be forgotten lest I gain wrinkles prematurely. Good news is, Ani 37 will be launched next month, and the lecture I gave last Friday was a success. Enough for me to be positive and look ahead.


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