October 5, 2012

Tired as a dog but to sleep as a god. Today was kinda tough. Had a case to report (Llorente v. CA), sample pleadings to submit and a blogging lecture to attend to. Needless to say, I spent the previous night working on the powerpoint presentation. I thought it would only take me a few minutes but I was wrong. I started to have these ideas, something natural to me, literary theories. Just had to start with oral tradition and how it interplays with print and electronic media. Also had to read “Cyberpoetry: Words in Battlefields,” an essay I wrote in 2000. And then I just had to add a blog-making demo.

Will have to catch up on the pleadings since I had to be at CBSUA-Calabanga by 2PM. I did miss the lectures of Jusan Misolas and Rea Robles, there was just too much work to be done. Besides I have never been to Calabanga, hence I could not make an estimate as to the travel time. I even had to ask around when I got there. But it’s nice to be in the countryside once in a while. The place should really have an agricultural college.

After class, the Muse invited me to her place. She cooked something, chicken adobo with diced bananas. One hearty way to spend the later part of the day.


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