October 4, 2012

I can’t seem to access the Supreme Court website. I hope it’s not being hacked. It’s all over the news that the hackers are so active and supported by their international network. There is this case that I need to download, perhaps the good hackers would give me a few minutes?

Tomorrow I will be going to CBSUA-Calabanga to talk about blogging. My slant would be the use of blogging to people who are into creative writing. I plan to start with oral tradition, then the printing press, up to the electronic media. I will share something about how to make a blog and how to promote and maintain it. I will also discuss the previous electronic platforms before the blogs came out. I will also include the video-log.

I got the letter today and I learned that Jusan Misolas and Rea Robles will also be there to talk. Good luck to us then.


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