September 24, 2012

Yesterday, a Sunday, was time for me to have bonding with my father. I woke up really late, the night before being my free time. Dad got to my apartment just a few minutes after lunch. Earlier, I was thinking of working at my desk for half the day’s worth. Have so much tax laws to catch up with. But then I changed my mind. Family first.

So there we were, father and son, ransacking the KNN Video Center for war films. But we could not find anything new. So we picked two anti-hero films about an assassin and a robber, “The American” and “The Town”. Could very well be “The American Town”.

We both liked the two films. We even ended up debating on the legal aspect of the film: the crimes committed, the criminal liabilities and participation of the protagonists–the tax liabilities. Oh my. You see, income from any source is subject to tax, even those from illegal business.

Then came the merienda. We liked the Italian idyllic scenes of the film “The American”. It inspired  us to have bread and pasta. No coffee, for we’d rather have tea.

Outside of the house, the rain was pouring. Dad got a little bit worried because he still had to come back to Iriga City. So off he went, thinking that the rain showed no sign of stopping and could flood his way if he stayed a little longer.

So there I was, alone and feeling lazy. I could not even make myself go out of the house to attend Mass. I simply went online, then watched YouTube videos. I could not sleep, though the rain made bed time conducive. Had to get up and watch TV. I caught the Enrile biography documentary and noted that our ruling class here in the Philippines seems to be made up of people who are members of the same social club, or better yet, theater group.

Soon after all of this pursuits, I will build another home for my folks and pamper them. This apartment has always been the home of the poet in me. I will need another for the family, the missus and the kids.


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