September 14, 2012

I already made a blog entry but it due to some technical problem it somewhat got lost. Anyway it’s a rainy fiesta. It’s been raining here in Naga City. I feel bad for some of the military parade contingent that got soaked in the rain this afternoon.

I wonder if the UNEP and USANT majorettes are still allowed to wear short and skimpy outfit as before. Man, they are truly a sight to behold. At one point, I concluded that the prettiest Bicolanas come from the Rinconada area. Case in point is Venus Raj.

Anyway, I have been wathching films from my bed. Last night, I watched “The King’s Speech” and “Killers Elite“. Today, I watched “Manila Kingpin”. There were indeed lots of scenes that needed trimming. I realized that it’s your typical anti-hero Tagalog film where the bida dies in the end. But it has great production value and I like the attempt to include events that occurred after his death showcasing his impact to the people of Tondo. I like its focus on a simple plot and thesis: When there is trust, there is always betrayal. In fact it is a story about trust and betrayal. Somewhat reminds me of the story of Jesse James. He was also shot by his Right Hand Man at the back of his head using the very gun he gave him as a gift earlier. Beautiful. And then came the resbak of Asyong’s friends. They kicked the traitor’s ass, hanged, and then burned him. Corpus delicti, gone. Splendid.

It’s true when they say: Know your enemy as well as you know yourself. Or better yet, know your enemy more than you know yourself. If that is possible. It is even said that one must be closer to his enemies more than he is close to his friends.


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