September 13, 2012

The vacation days I have for the Penafrancia Fiesta are now being spent in bed. I have never been asthmatic but the persistent cough and colds that I have lead to it. Anyway, I take this opportunity to take more water and shut-eye.

Whenever I would get bored I would read the Talaang Ginto Anthology for 1999-2006. Last night, I started reading Tata Raul Funilas‘ epic poem “Ulikbangon”. It is an expertly written Tagalog poem about the Talim Island and Lawa ng Laguna. It effectively employs indigenous and even traditional Tagalog poetics as it highlights the cultural elements of the place. It won third place in 2005, although I thought it should have won the first prize and earned for Funilas the title “Makata ng Taon”. I will be reading more of the anthology when I have the time.

When I get better, I plan to visit the Gainza Trade Fair at Elias Angeles, Naga City. There are lots of things to watch out for this Penafrancia Fiesta. There’s the military parade and of course, the Fluvial Procession. Will ask the Muse the join me soon.


3 Responses to “FIESTA IN BED”

  1. I should have more time to read now. NOTE TO SELF: READ, MISS LAZY!!! And that reminds me….WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. elmer said

    Ok, Peñafrancia is out on the streets there and you are in bed. tsk..

  3. hagbayon said

    Thanks Gi and Elmer. Yes, we all need more time to write. It takes a lot of discipline. Penafrancia is an opportunity to rest and pray. Maybe Ina wants me to rest that is why she allowed me to get sick a little.

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