September 9, 2012

September colds virus is strong enough to penetrate my Dad’s strong immune system. So much that it ended up infiltrating mine, my mom’s and my girlfriend’s. Now all of us have noses that run.

But stronger stronger I must be. There will still be classes until Wednesday. After that, it’s Penafrancia Fiesta! And I hope I won’t gain much weight. Else I will have to double up my karate.

In between codals and cases I squeeze some minutes editing my poems in English. Soon enough I will start compiling all of my poems to start up a collection. But I won’t be coming up with a book this year or next. I have other priorities right now. For now, occasional publications and prizes would be fine.

I’m still arranging for the September 29 WG. Soon enough, things will fall in place. And I really do hope that more people will attend it. I have noticed that there seems to be come issue between local writers. I hope they won’t try to evade each other and avoid attending the WG. Hey people, the WG is for poetry! It’s a neutral place.


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