September 5, 2012

It’s truly Penafrancia fever here in the Bicol region, particularly Naga City. On Friday will be the traslacion and my folks are coming for a visit. Tonight is the Miss Bicolandia pageant at the Secretary Robredo Coliseum. And there is now too many people outside just walking about. The carnivals have come too, one at Abella, another at Diversion. The atmosphere is festive but it’s hard not to be reminded that a beloved son of Bicol, Sec. Robredo, died in a freak air accident just days ago.

The long vacation could very well be a chance for me to meet with writer-friends. But there’s just too much work to be done. Anyway, I have been sending my works to publications, getting them printed. I think it is enough for visibility. I even organized a monthly poetry gig. My previous post showed a picture of the printed materials I got when I visited Manila and Cavite last summer. I do intend to come back by November for the Ani 37 launch at CCP. By attending, I will get my honorarium plus my two complimentary copies. I am also toying at the possibility of performing there with a band. Perhaps I could bring my bandmates, or I could ask some musician friends to come and jam with me. Will figure.

Going back to Cavite is a must. I have to get my copy of the Paper Monster Press (Asuang Issue) where a poem of mine appears.

Talking of aswang, Iriga City is known for this folklore. And in 2006, I wrote and staged a Bikol-Naga play entitled “An Alamat kan Aswang.” My thesis was that the aswang was actually the baliana. The Spanish friars found a rival in the Bikol baliana, who was then the spiritual leader of the Bikolnons. So a smear campaign was done just to put the priestess in ill repute. The bad PR alleged that the baliana was actually the aswang. I wonder if I could stage the play again.



  1. Yes, stage that play, HERE, please!!! Manonood ako, promise!!!!…Basta translated in Tagalog, he he,…Baka nga pala di ko maintindihan…

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