September 4, 2012

Just saw photos of a supposed gruesome Facebook Murder. Much as I would like to dismiss it as a hoax, it could very well be something to ponder about. A warning to all of us who are into blogging and social networking. The rule is: Never give too much detail as to your location or even your schedule.

For me the writing life revolves around the following: 1) Living your life, and 2.) Writing. Your life is your material. Of course writing entails research, but most of the time your everyday walk-about will give you the material you need. Aside from writing, I also like to mingle with like-minded writers. I join writing organizations, I apply for fellowship grants, I sit as panelist in some writing workshops. I also like to publish a lot. In fact, I like it more than joining contests.

When I went to the Talaang Ginto awarding last summer,I had to chance to visit the offices of some publications in Manila. I took the opportunity to claim my writer’s honorarium and complimentary copies. I went to Panorama and Manila Times. And at Cherry Blossoms Hotel where the awarding took place, KWF gave the winners complimentary copies of the Talaang Ginto Anthology covering the years 1999-2006 and 2007-2010. I have three poems in said anthologies. I plan to make a list of poems that I really like from the two collections.

If ever I get to Manila soon, I hope to visit the Manila Times office again to get complimentary copies. Also the Tribune office, I did miss the issue where the Versosimo article came out.


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