September 3, 2012

Earthquakes everywhere. There was another one in Mindanao just after the Visayas episode. And also somewhere in the Middle East, in Iran, particularly. Shaking, shaking, the earth is shaking.

Freedom of Information Bill. Indeed it is provided in the 1987 Constitution that the law must provide for the right of the people to transparent governance. The people must have the right to check or investigate, if need be, the paper trail of government transactions except those provided by law to be really confidential such as things of national security or those covered by executive privilege. And of course, the ever-famous SALN. I am totally for this law.

But the anti-blogging law? A big no no. For one, it surely is unconstitutional. It is well-settled that freedom of the press is inviolable. There must be no prior restraint.

I really intend to attend the Ani 37 launch in October. I just hope that my schedule will permit. I miss the CCP complex. I should also like to see Mr. Hermie Beltran again. It has been three years since I submitted works for Ani. Also, I read in our exchanges at FB that Mr. Ariel Tabag will host our beermatch. I think other contributors will tag along. Perhaps it will be in some unassuming watering hole near CCP. Something to look forward to.

Palanca hang-over, yes. Congratulations to the winners this year. Perhaps I should prepare my entries early for next year, for soon it will be bar review. Cramming won’t be the rule. I have been really busy with other things except writing. My Talaang Ginto win last summer was totally unexpected. You see, I sent an entry only because Koyang Jess Ferrer of KWF sort of asked me to.  Besides, I have been writing English poetry again. I think I have enough works in Bikol-Naga, Iriganon and Filipino already. Besides, when I started writing, I wrote in English.

For me, literary practice must be compleat. Meaning, the task of the writer is to find his voice, philosophy and culture base. He must be a writer for the people, not some weird snob who avoids the crowd. He must be willing to share his skills with other writers, specially the young and upcoming. He must publish regularly in magazines, journals and anthologies. He must come up with books from time to time. He must think of unique projects to promote his art. He must write because he is a writer not because he wants to win awards. Such motivation is infantile if not self-serving.


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