August 31, 2012

Just updated my bio at the “About Me” section of this blog. I made a departure from the essay to the bullet type presentation. It is much easier to edit and update.

There’s a lull in my academic life since the university is having its annual intramurals. And I don’t think they allow the college of law to join the chess competition.

I wonder what will happen to the politicians of Naga City. A friend of mine said it will be “kanya-kanyang sagwan,” everyman for himself in this stormy political weather. Some say that the Villafuertes will finally penetrate the city hall. Not to say that Robredo was not a Villafuerte. After-all he was a nephew of Rep. Luis Villafuerte, only that Sec. Jess practiced a brand of leadership much needed by my troubled republic. Not your usual bureaucratic style of governance, his was a cost-effective, responsive, reformative, servant-leader type of governance.

In the literary sphere, I got an e-mail from Betty Regala, managing editor of CCP‘s literary journal, Ani. I have not been sending works for the years 2009-11. At least now, I am back. Thanks to editor Herminio Beltran. I miss the CCP. I would like to check the exhibits there. I wish to attend the launch this November. If it’s possible, I will bring my band so we could perform.

As for the WG next month, it going to be part of a worldwide event, the 100 Thousand Poets for a Change. But then I learned that another Bikol group is trying to book a performance poetry event at Sosimo Bar, same schedule as mine. I hope we could sort this out so as both events could be merged into one.


3 Responses to “ANI 37 UPDATE”

  1. congrats. hope to see u indeed at the launch 🙂

  2. hagbayon said

    Wow! Are you one of the authors too? Congrats! And see you there.

  3. Yes I am. I am excited to meet you there. 🙂

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