January 11, 2012

The 8th Verses: Writers’ Gig at Wharf Galley (Naga City) last January 8, 2012 started the year right. True, there were spoilers. In fact I got sick twice during the holidays and I caught the so-called 24-hour bug. Truly, health is wealth and sickness can compromise our mission. Cirilo Bautista is correct in saying that hospitals can reduce humans to scrap. It is ironic that we send so many nurses abroad, yet our healthcare system here in the Philippines is almost crap. Even our doctors study nursing just so they could go abroad. But then hey, WG8 saved the smiley in me.

That night, I finally got to rock and use my other guitar, the Ibanez. I got to shred and sing my soul out with my band, The Super Poet Genome Project. I brought my wakizashi with me to be used as props for my poetry performance. The Fire n Ice Dance group was just great, rendering two dance numbers. One filled me up with nostalgia for they performed dances from the 80’s to 90’s, a patikim for their up-coming dance concert on February 15-16. Icing to our metaphorical cake was our guest slam poet from Canada, Mr. Ronel Amata.

The readers for the night were Noel Cervantez, Ronel Astor, Jusan Misolas, Jerome Hipolito, Kevin de Quiroz, Tristan Velarde, Johner Caneba, Tess Francisco, Ronel Amata, and of course, this blogger. Writers Jay Salvosa and Rizaldy Manrique were also in attendance.

As always, we welcomed Ronel Amata via our traditional “jijutzu” finger-lifting levitation trick. After which, we ushered ourselves to a literary discussion over rounds of beer. We asked ourselves: “When did we start writing?” We figured that we have been writing as early as early, we just did not know it. Living is writing as proven by the love-angles and melodramatics by some of the sharers. But then this overflow of ideas was cut short, unfortunately, when it was my turn to share. Two motorcycles collided in front of Avenue Square, complete with flying bodies in classic quasi-delict frenzy. The gig started with a bang, and yet we  had to end by taking our cue from a motorcycle crash in this motorcycle country.  We had to proceed to Gotobest plaza just to appease our hunger and clear our throats of shock with goto-kinalas-tokwa with egg plus sili, and cold water.

Till next month my friends, till next month.


3 Responses to “BANG AND CRASH”

  1. hagbayon said

    So many literary activities for February 😉

  2. hagbayon said

    Naga City is creating a center for Bikol literature…

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