WG6 and 9th Sural Essay Writing Contest

October 28, 2011

It’s been a busy time. Have laws and jurisprudence to memorize, and not to mention an upcoming internship with Saligan-Bikol for I am one of the three who qualified. I also helped choose the winners for the 9th Sural Essay Writing Contest sponsored by UP Harong, an organization of UP students who are from Camarines Sur. The next WG is also upcoming. No semestral break for me.

Saligan-Bikol is an NGO concerned with labor, women and other marginalized groups. Their approach is alternative lawyering, a way to bring the machineries of justice closer to the people. They speak the language of the people, immerse with the cause of the people. The lawyers are not confined to law officers and courts. As a writer and student of law, this will sure bring me to places where I should be.

The theme for this year’s Sural Essay Writing Contest is youth and peace or how could the youth contribute in espousing a culture of peace in the Bicol region and the country. It is worth noting that the young Bikolnons have a lot to say in the middle of political bickerings and government neglect. In all aspect of cultural and intellectual formation, the youth sector is right in the middle. The contest was a way for them to express their views, winners or not.

The seventh installment of WritersGig at WharfGalley is againt forthcoming! See you on November 5 at 7PM. Let us read our poems, enjoy music and other performances. The Super Poet Genome Project will again play. I also expect dancers and actors. Books will be sold also. We have Pagsasatubuanan and Sagurong as part of our booksale. Come join us next Saturday. It sure will be fun!


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