May 14, 2010

Yes, I am also a guitarist, but no I don’t have a band.

The primary reason is: I don’t have time. I really can’t figure as to how I can squeeze band practice into my rigid schedule and order of priorities. I’m in law school where there is no such thing as overstudying. I write and edit. My second book could still use more poems. And my advocacy for Bikol literature and multilingualism requires a sort of messianic complex if not some measure of masochism. Almost always, nobody understands you. Hence, it requires a lot of time.

There are other reasons.

I really hate people with rockstar complex. It’s difficult if one happens to land in your line-up. He will waste your time. Why? Because you are never sure if he will show up during the gig. So when I see this tendency in a person, I kick him out as early before fistfights ensue.

I hate to be in a cover band. I like to write my own songs. I am out of luck because I rarely come across a musician who has real original music inside him. Most of them would rather parrot another artist, and sometimes, they are not even good at it. Yet, they act like rockstars.

Rock gigs here does not pay much. Sometimes they don’t pay at all. And of course, there is piracy. It bleeds the artists dry.

So I keep my music to myself. Everyday, I practice for about thirty minutes right after lunch. It’s the most exciting part of my day.

Last Saturday (May 1, 2010), I watched a gig by Luna at Wharf Galley here in Naga. After 14 years or so, I came across Gareth Somers, my former bassist during the Voodoo Child years back in highschool. He plays base for Luna, an alternative music band based in Manila. Gareth is one great bassist I truly miss.


2 Responses to “BANDLESS”

  1. maym said

    It will be the height of your success when i finally learn to keep on strumming on my guitar once again.

  2. hagbayon said

    Yes, hahaha!

    Nice jamming, like before.

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