Pagsasatubuanan in Manila

March 2, 2010

Yes dear blog hoppers, my book has reached Manila. Copies are now being sold at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. But I believe most of it will be sent out by the government to public libraries throughout the country. I myself have donated copies to the Naga and Iriga City public libraries, including the Ateneo de Naga, Naga College Foundation, University of Nueva Caceres, Universidad de Santa Isabel, Camarines Sur State Agricultural College and Holy Rosary Minor Seminary libraries. I pray they will take care of the copies for posterity.

Again, I also have copies displayed at Museo de Caceres, Basilica Bookshop and Kulturang Bikolnon shop.

Now going to the 2010 elections.

Also, the Supreme Court re-promulgated the Quinto and Tolentino v. Comelec ruling. Appointive government officials are now ipso facto resigned upon filing their Certificate of Candidacy. The ponente is no less than Chief Justice Puno. The venerable Justice Nachura made a very strong dissent though as he was the ponente for the previous ponencia. Truly, there is substantial distinction between elective and appointive officials.

Another issue is whether or not Erap can still run for the presidency. Our Constitution provides that he cannot avail of any re-election whatsoever. Unless for example, he runs for vice-president and should his president conk out, he can succeed as president. What is disallowed is re-election, not succession. So let us see.


3 Responses to “Pagsasatubuanan in Manila”

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  3. hagbayon said


    Dear blog readers, my book is also displayed at Lucky Bookstore in Albay. Thanks to Bikol rockstar poet Jimple Borlagdan for doing the consigning.

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