December 21, 2009

There’s nothing much to say really, though it’s been another year again.

Everything seems to have happened this year. My planned wedding did not push through, I found another girl, she found another guy (her Friendster profile says ‘It’s Complicated’), I went corporate, I left corporate (SM’s labor practices suck), I went into law, I left creative writing and literary criticism (for the moment). But earlier this year, I attended the Taboan International Literary Festival as a delegate, I sat as a panelist in a regional writers workshop, I saw my first book come out and win an award.

I started cleaning up my guitar gears again. I played everyday, each time with an impulse to find like-minded musicians and form a band to play live again. I wanted to write songs again, to get lost in my riffs, solos and words. Or just to get lost. There is silence in loudness, tranquility in speed.


4 Responses to “SUPER EARTH”

  1. junasun said

    you may get lost, but your guitar stays… it’s the most faithful being and it knows well the longings of your soul.

  2. hagbayon said


    Merry Christmas. I hope we could jam someday. Poetry and jazz guitar!


  3. bajhoy said

    Ur not lost,ur juz xploring the true meaning of life.kep burnin the flame of ur passion.hayaan mong pakalmahin ang nag uumingay na puso mo ng liriko ng iyong musika.itali ka ng kwerdas sa katotohanan at pasiglahin ka ng liriko ng bawat tula.

  4. hagbayon said

    hmmm… i love you bajoy, bhe 🙂

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