September 24, 2009

Earlier, I blogged about the need for the National Book Awards to open itself up for books published in Philippine languages other than Tagalog/Filipino. Of late, more and more books are coming out from the provinces written in their respective local languages. As I said, I am not so keen on awards, but then with the NBA existing, I think these titles ought to have a place in the roster.

Here in Bicol, there is a new category in the Premio Tomas para sa Literaturang Bikolnon seeking to recognize Bikol books that contributed much to Bikolnon letters. It is open for book authors, editors and illustrators for titles distributed from September 2007 to September 2009. It is the Premio Bibiano Sabino para sa Librong Bikolnon.

Being part and parcel of the PTPLB, the Premio Sabino awarding will be alongside the regular categories. This year, it will also coincide with the Bikolinismo Awards. The winner will be conferred a citation plus a modest cash prize. I only pray that this Bikol book award will continue from this year onward to be Bicol’s counterpart for the National Book Award.

Needless to say, this September is Bikol Literature Month. Some of the Bikolinismo awardees are giving lectures on their craft just so they could make the most of their visit in the City of Naga. Dr. Zeus Salazar, on the 30th, 9am at the Museo de Caceres, will talk about an archeological find, a jar cover/lid that could explicate the historicity of the Ibalong. Foremost screen writer Ricardo Lee, on the 29th, 8am at the UNC-IMC, will give a lecture on the screenplay. He will likewise launch his latest novel, Para Kay B.

With all this writers around, I think Kabulig-Bikol should take advantage of their presence and arrange even an informal meeting or gathering right after the awarding ceremonies on Tuesday.


3 Responses to “BIKOL BOOK AWARD”

  1. Vic Nierva said

    NBA does, Padi. Remember my book? Here’s the rub: NBA is a publisher-award giving body transaction.

  2. hagbayon said


    Yes, but I surmise your book has English translation.



  3. Vic Nierva said

    Yes, but poetry is just oneof the categories. They’ve been giving the award to books in regional languages in other categories.

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