November 22, 2008

BURIED with work somewhere else. This is my alibi for not updating my blog.

It is no joke being a college instructor. At times, I would like to attribute my sudden slight increase in blood pressure (aside from no-no foods and beer) to my attempt to play teacher in front of hormonal and emo-crazed youngsters. Everyday, I feel like a rondalla player in a rock concert.

Also my work as PR practitioner is about to go full swing for SM-Naga will soon operate in the region. This will bring not only employment for me and other compatriots but a promise of world-class shopping experience. As a writer, I am excited because of National Bookstore. As a guitarist, I await the opening of Yamaha, Perfect Pitch, J and B and/or Laser. As a film lover, I sure will invade SM Cinema.

Soon enough Shoe Mart will become part of Bikol culture.

I expect that there will be a St. Pauls Publication outlet in SM-Naga. St. Pauls is popular among Bikol writers because of Homelife Magazine. Writers (mostly regional) delight at the prospect of being printed in its poetry page as edited by Leoncio Deriada. In fact its October 2008 issue features one of my poems entitled “Magnanakaw.” Also in the same section are the works of Honesto Pesimo, Jr., Carlos A. Arejola and Estelito Jacob. So please grab your copy!

NCCA has started contacting the chosen delegates to the 1st Philippine Literary Arts Festival slated on February 11-12, 2009 at UP-Diliman. Its original concept is that of 40/40—forty writers below forty years of age. 10 writers each from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, plus 10 from the National Capital Region. However, NCR produced a list of more than 10 young writers. So it is no longer 40/40 (50/40 perhaps?). From Bicol I know the delegates to be Jaime Jesus Borlagdan, Kristian Cordero and this writer. Recent National Book Award winner Vic Nierva is listed as a delegate for NCR. During the festival, I expect that there will be conferences, performances, lectures and book exhibits. Truly, it’s something to look forward to.

Similarly, I will surely attend the launch of Ani 34 on December 17, 7PM at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Ramp. I have four titles in the anthology and the CCP Literary Arts Division is considering my podcast on “Uniberso” for a dance performance. This is a welcome development and I am open to the idea of collaborating with the dancers.

Needless to say, I congratulate all of the writers included in Ani 34. CCP’s Literary Yearbook is still the longest running literary anthology in the country featuring a myriad of writers across the archipelago. Indeed, the anthology of anthologies.


4 Responses to “AS I WAS SAYING…”

  1. junasun said

    Thanks for this update, Jason! I always like reading your post, it’s a kind of a sanctuary for my soul. I wish I would be there when you visit perfect pitch in SM…would like to jam with you and with other bikol musicians.

  2. hagbayon said


    Thanks for reading my blog.

    Yes, lots of great musicians here in Bicol. You are abroad right?


  3. junasun said


    Yes, but I’m home from time to time.Do we have fine Bicol jazz and blues musicians? I have a cd of Lampano Alley and Band, quite good and the guitarist is excellent. I have listened to your guitar works- also very original!


    jun asuncion

  4. hagbayon said


    I think we have Jazz and Blues musicians.

    Thanks for listening to my podcast.

    More power!


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