June 30, 2008

I have been attending national writers’ workshops and really enjoy them. Trying to be a writer in a republic of non-readers can get quite alienating sometimes. These workshops (more of writers’ retreats really) help alleviate the loneliness of writerly existence.

Tomorrow, along with other writers based in Bicol (Kabulig-Bikol), I will be attending a conference for teaching and writing Bikol literature. This will surely be another avenue for Bikol writers to convene and share ideas—together with teachers of literature. It is hoped that the existing Bikol literature agenda will be updated and be given extensive attention by the government, the academe and society in general.

I will be sharing some insights about Bikol Drama and our regional dramatic tradition. I will focus more on how we could utilize the art form as pedagogy of literature. Its very nature would reveal its potent power as a servant art, one that could wrap-up all the other Bikol literary art forms into one package that could fit well within literature modules.

The conference, dubbed as Pagtukdo, Pagsurat Bikolnon 2008 is sponsored by the Kabulig-Bikol, Naga College Foundation, National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Naga City LGU.


16 Responses to “PAGTUKDO, PAGSURAT BIKOLNON 2008”

  1. junasun said

    hello jason,

    don’t worry abour feelings of “alienation as a writer in a a republic of non-readers” for you’re not alone and it’s a job-related risk. But great books in world literature were products of such alienating moments. Comfort yourself with this idea. To share with you the same experience from another field, the field of jazz music. I am a jazz musician (guitar) and it is also an alienating one for many of my fellow musicians in my circles are not interested in it.
    It’s hard to find somebody for an informal jam session for instance- and it’s europe! So most of the times I end up jamming with my laptop.This isolates from people, I know, but it satisfies me, too.
    kumusta na lang!

    jun a.

  2. hagbayon said


    I agree, and many great writers produced memorable books while away from the crowd. It pays to listen to the sound of the universe and not just the chatter of mankind.

    I play guitar too, but not much on jazz. Please drop by my lit podcast at

    Regards, and take care.

  3. Sayang. I just can’t afford the reg. fee. hehe

  4. Don’t forget to promote our Bikol Wikipedia. Goodluck!

  5. hagbayon said


    I will deliver a short input on the Bikol Drama sa atyan. Sayang you won’t make it to the conference just because of the registration fee. The other contingents were paid for by their respective institutions, I think.

    I can inject the Bikol Wikipedia topic during the Bikol literary agenda forum.


  6. I attend seminars on language and literature however iba na an sitwasyon ngonyan. There’s no more financier. Btw, LGU Canaman will revive Komedya and Sinakulo.

  7. hagbayon said


    I see… Are you still taking your MA? Igwa kayang pig-offer na scholarship to the conference for students. You see, it is still partly a government venture as the NCCA and the Naga City LGU are included in the list of sponsors. You could have been given a free slot.

    I will surely watch out for the Komedya and Senakulo in Canaman. Those are not indigenous dramatic forms but received much native infusions, as you know.


  8. Just finished my MA last March. ADNU Lit man ako 2003 (regards ki Paning) hehe. Wanted to take doctoral right away kaso abuso na. Need to word muna.

    Will launch Lagaylay (similar to Dotok) Festival, “puro festival” this August. There will have literary contests such tigsik, local song competition etc. I am not sure if fo locals only. Canaman has no natural wonders to attract local tourists, but is rich in culture and history kaya dyan an focus kan LGU. Sana magin successful.

  9. hagbayon said


    In fact I mentioned the Lagaylay in my lecture yesterday. It went well naman. Igwa man nag-participate sa forum.

    Are you from Canaman? Keep of pushing for the dramatic tradition of the place.

    And by the way, congrats sa MA mo.

  10. Was it regional conference? Kumusta an attendance? I’m anchored in Canaman. My roots are from Nabua, Iriga and Canaman. The mayor of Canaman said he will devote his term on the revival of local culture. May binibilog nganing commision on history and culture. Enot ko naencounter an Kabulig sa kan 2004 sa Lolos, kan naggibo kami 1 event (Sarong Banggi) for our finals in PR class.

  11. hagbayon said


    More than a hundred su participants (teachers and students) from all over the region. In attendance si mga taga-NCCA, Naga City LGU (Hon. Nathan Sergio, Hon. Badet Roco, and Mayor Jesse Robredo). May lectures on the state of Philippine and Bikol literature, role of teachers in Bikol lit, module writing, the rawitdawit, dula, osipon, sanaysay and tigsik.

    Igwa man mini workshop for the literary output of the student participants, and I was there as panel. Igwa man critiquing kan mga output na modules by the teachers themselves.

    Asin idto na nganing forum for the updating of the Bikol Literary Agenda and forming of a Bikol Literary Arts Council. I was assigned sa Sorsogon contingent as facilitator. Ok man.

    Imbitaran mo man ako diyan sa Canaman.


  12. hagbayon said


    By the way, bakong ika si Arvin or is it Irvin?


  13. Yup, Irvin. Paaramon taka kun ano an linyada kan aktibidades sa fiesta.

  14. hagbayon said


    Ok, please update me. Btw, I updated my blog adding you sa links.


  15. Baad interesado kang maghiling:
    – Book launching of CANAMAN by Danilo M. Gerona on Aug. 8 at 4pm
    – Lagaylay Festival on Aug. 12 at 8am
    – Bicol Singing Contest on Aug. 12 at 7pm

    sa Canaman People Center (infront of the Canaman municipal hall).

  16. hagbayon said

    Ey, I missed the launching. Sayang.

    Yes, I will try to attend the Lagaylay festival. Thanks a lot!

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