December 6, 2007

Kagawad Nathan Sergio of Naga City-LGU informed me via e-mail that the Sangguniang Panlungsod passed two separate resolutions congratulating Southern Luzon’s new NCCA-NCLA representative Carlo A. Arejola and 2007 HomeLife 2nd Prize winner Kristian S. Cordero. He also told me that they instructed Joe Perez of Bicol Mail to make a news item on the said resolutions.

Now the November 26-December 2 issue of Vox Bikol as edited by Fererico Lagdameo has a news item about the 2007 HomeLife Poetry Contest. It has the COMPLETE list of winners, including the judges. The article is written by Santiago Villafania, himself a poet (and not a councilor). Truly this is one of the rare moments when the Bikol writer shines. Our tri-media journalists ought to take notice of this. We need to show our people that we honor ALL our poets when they deserve it. This could be one of the ways to inspire our youth to become poets themselves.

And remember, the more poets a country has, the more enlightened it becomes, thus making partisan politics a joke. This way we won’t elect councilors who double-speak and erect a Bingo hall near a church or sponsor a wild street party during Peñafrancia (supported by a pathetic logic that the Traslacion is a street party just the same).  

Now let’s go back to a more noble enterprise. One of my latest rawitdawit is printed in the November 25-December 1 issue of Bikol Reporter. And I should say that Bikol writers ought to support this regional newspaper because it has a rawitdawit section. I have been to different parts of the country and it has been a habit of mine to look for a poetry section in different regional newspapers. And I should say that I have seen only a few.

Let me reprint my poem:


Minapoon sa paggadan kan pagmati:
isul-ot an guwantes na sensibilidad,
maglaog sa isterilisadong teatro
asin kun nagsaralak na an parong

kan mga pahamot, iyo na iyan
an tanda kan pagtadom

kan anesthesia.

Mawawara an bata kan kali,
Malilingawan an ribok sa luwas,
Mamamara na maragkot na hinang,
Maharali an mga tawong-grasa.

Asta kaiyan,
ihapulas an makolor na ilaw
nin antiseptikong spotlight sa madiklom
na kublit kan telon.
Asin palasun an kurtina
tanganing magbungkaras
an laman asin dugo

kan dula sa entabladong
operating table.

Gibohon na scalpel an tarom kan isip
sa pagrukitdukit kan mga diyalogo asin saysay
asin forceps an emosyon sa pagpurot
asin pagkudot nin mga madramang detalye
sa daghan kan kada organikong karakter.

Saka maabot an klimaktikong punto:
Mawawara an parong kan mga pahamot,
malilingawan an laog asin luwas,
maragkot utro an turo kan hinang,
masakat sa entablado an mga tawong-grasa.

Minatapos ini sa pagtahi nin lugad:
Madurukot utro an binaak na telon,
ihahapros an antiseptikong liwanag nin realidad,
isterilisado utro an pagmate asin isip,
asin huhubaon an guwantes nin pagsasagin-sagin
kawasa tapos na an pag-opera

kan nagsasagin-sagin tang sadiri.




The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), in cooperation with the Embassy of Mexico (Philippines) and Mowelfund Film Institute (MFI) with support from the President’s Social Fund (PSF), is inviting aspiring film artists who have made two or more films to join an intensive 4-day workshop on filmmaking under Mexican director Gustavo Loza from December 18 to 21, 2007 at Mowelfund Plaza.

Click here for details:

Reinerio Alba, Web Content Editor



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