July 13, 2007

Just came from ‘Rock to School’, a gig right there at the Kambingan in Magsaysay Road, Naga City. Sponsored by the Beat FM, San Miguel Beer and Pulp Magazine, the concert manifested that the rock scene here in Bicol is alive in kicking. Our local bands are just as cool as the Manila-based ones. And they are of diverse influences, from metal to ska to pop. We all should attend their gigs.

Now I should better promote my home-made poetry podcast again. I do the music bed for my entries, I am also a guitarist. So please check

I also attended a forum on the proposed new orthography by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino last Tuesday, July 10 at the RELC-DepEd in Rawis, Legaspi City. Dr. Elvira B. Estravo and Dr. Ricardo Ma. Duran Nolasco led the lectures. With the help of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Department of Education (DepEd), it was well-attended by academicians coming from different parts of the region from Camarines Norte to Sorsogon.

The proposal was open for suggestions and revisions from the forum. In the main, they introduced a new local version of the alphabet, subscribing to the phonetics of English, Spanish and the various Philippine languages. They espouse that we use linguistic symbols for the stress and glottal sounds in spelling our words. And that we should be careful in re-spelling English lexicons. When in doubt, do not re-spell, lest you might add up to the atrocities committed by Filipinos on English graphemes. As for the words borrowed from Spanish, it is okay to re-spell, anyway we do not have much Spanish-speaking groups in our population.

My concern was on how the new orthography can benefit the various Bikol languages. We all know that the KWF had its eyes focused on the National Language as based on Tagalog and so the local languages from the regions were not included in standardization with respect to orthography. After much perusal, I think we can gain wisdom from the proposal. Using the various linguistic symbols for the stress and glottal stops will give non-Bikol speaking regions an idea on how to enounce and articulate our words.

But then there is the need to re-orient people on how to use the aforementioned linguistic symbols specially the items on stresses and glottal stops. There is also the need to introduce the proposed orthography to the writers, the Bicol-based ones.



  1. May handout sa seminar? Paki upload. Salamat.

  2. hagbayon said

    Yes but it’s quite long my friend. Quite bulky even. Maybe the KWF is willing to provide copies, try to contact them.


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