May 3, 2007

Just got an SMS from Allan Popa, the co-editor of NA for L to be Cirilo F. Bautista for the literary anthology called “Mga Bagong Tulang Tagalog”. Yes, I am included in the said collection, and needless to say, I am happy about it. More than awards, I trust publications more because it is the better way to reach one’s readers. Too much awards will only make your head swell. And besides it’s not the only measure of writerly existence.

The anthology, I heard, will be printed by the UST Press and set to come out within the year. Surely, there will be a book launch somewhere in Manila to be attended by the contributors and readers. I am looking forward to it. I miss Manila and everything good or bad about it. As you see, I am the ‘Pusakal’ and I am dying to leave this cell. (Photo by Kaye Buena)

 Allan also requested me to call the attention of fellow Bicolanos and contributors Carlo Arejola, Kristian Cordero and Jaime Jesus Borlagdan. Hey guys, submit your short bio today, Friday, May 4, 2007. It must contain your birthdate, birthplace, educational background and current preoccupations. Send it to 09167173107. So there.

One thing more, here’s the new issue of Makata:

Check out the latest issue of the Makata at http://www.dalityapi.com/


Makata Issue No.5, May 2007 is now available online featuring the works
of our home-grown and international poets.

by Aurora Antonovic, Luis Benitez, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Zig
Madamba Dulay, Dennis Espada, Manuel Lino G. Faelnar, C W Hawes, Rey
Tamayo, Jr. and Robert Wilson.

Send all submissions / contributions for Volume 8 June 2007 issue to
svillafania at yahoo [dot] com and to Jason Chancoco at tarusan22 at
yahoo [dot] com (for Tagalog/Filipino & Bikol poetry). Also accepting poems
written in other Philippine languages: Cebuano, Iluko, Hiligaynon,
Waray,  Kapampangan, Pangasinan, etc.




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