April 29, 2007


An essay of mine appeared in an international journal called Arabesques Print Review for their Studies and Analysis issue. My work explicated the importance of poetry in L2/L3 learning, particularly in the Philippine context. In our case, we cannot really consider in so sweeping a manner the English language as L2. This is because we have so many languages and dialects across our fragmented archipelago. For example, the order of precedence of my linguistic faculties starts with Iriganon, then Bikol-Naga, then Tagalog, and then English. And this may not be true for everybody.

But then we have an educational system that favors English and Tagalog/Filipino as language of instruction. And for the sake of uniformity, it’s just Filipino as L1 and English as L2. It’s a good thing that we still have writers who come up with works written in the other Philippine languages. This is to at least even things up.

The Arabesques Print Review comes up with thematic issues accepting manuscripts from all over the globe. We should all keep track of this journal.


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