April 16, 2007

It was Michael Buffer who first inserted ‘congressional candidate’ when he declared Manny Pacquiao as the victor via KO in yesterday’s eight-round bout. Then during the interview, he was also asked to say something to his future constituents in the 1st Congressional District district of South Cotabato.

But sure enough, it was still a tough fight for Pacman even as he outscored by doubles and triples his Mexican foe. I don’t agree that he was really ‘toying around’ with the spear-like reach of his opponent. I think he was simply having a hard time getting in. Thanks to his formidable punching power, even Solis’ long jabs did not work for long.

I was in fact a bit worried by that cut too. And perhaps Manny Pacquiao’s thoughts came back to that time when he suffered the same injury during his first bout with an intelligent and tactical Erik Morales who kept on dancing towards Pacman’s blind side (He was all too bloodied on the side of the cut). That is why he decided to ignore Solis’ jabs and went directly on target trusting that his handspeed and explosive combinations will send his opponent to the floor in no time. And it did.

So to all the future congressmen out there, don’t leave the Pacman with no choice.


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