March 17, 2007

Early Saturday morning, I got an SMS from writer Rizaldy Manrique asking for my permission to use one of my poems in Iriganon. I slept early Friday night so I was up and ready to answer and allow him to use it. I think Rizaldy is now also the poetry editor of Bikol Reporter. He maintains a column in the same regional newspaper. He calls it Bikol Blogger.

Now let me reprint the poem here:


1. Mainit na sinapna,
Pagmawuw ika uda,
Namit itum na raga.

2. Usipun kading buut,
Mig-anud, migpadagus.
Maulug man su upus,
Diri pa matatapus.

3. Pagmata, paturug,
Pagsapuy, parigus,
Pagkape, pagnaug–
Puso ko, naglinug!

4. Karusun man na kinudkud,
Bagong tigbas man na ubud,
Dawa tubig man sa nuyug–
Tam-is mo, Kaye, da kaarug!

5. Pag nagrarawitdawit
Ading rira ko lubid.
Kunu ka mabibitik?

Yes, it’s for my Esmi. I have lots of other SMS poems for her and some are even written in Tagalog like this diona:

Baryo mang may piyesta

Subalit kung wala ka

Parang ibang planeta.

I used to write stuffs like this everyday (when I still had much time in my hands). And each time I came up with something good I would send it to her. I actually intend to collect and later include them in my Tagalog book of poetry. I will allot a chapter, I think.

Meanwhile, I have been working on some podcasts lately. The FNF spent a considerable amount just to train me as a blogger and podcaster so might as well put my knowledge (no matter how limited) into use. My first product is a podcast of my poem in Tagalog ‘Panantili’. I plan to upload it here soon.






  1. tomachfive said

    Yeah, I was there when he was making the podcast and the sound quality was amazing! His gadgets are so latest! More, the poems begin to possess an ethereal quality that can make fairies undress, you gotta hear it to believe it!

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