March 10, 2007

In the middle of a hectic but thankless academic schedule, I managed to squeeze in some literary activities. Yesterday, Friday at 6 p.m. we had the first leg of this month’s palihan. There will be another one on March 24, Saturday. This will be a bi-monthly gathering.

There were only three of us (Tom Navarro, Lance Gulim and me) but nevertheless I can say that it was a fruitful exercise. Not only that it was a welcome diversion from pragmatic existence, it also soothed our spirits. Nothing will compare to a small group sharing of poetry where you have everybody’s attention. Earlier, I also discussed the ways and means of literary publishing. I mused how effective a modality it is to have one’s poems printed in news-stand magazines than publish them in a book which nobody would read unless you market them by yourself. I also warned my friends of some no-pay publications, especially local ones—those that would sell themselves out to politicians election time or not.

Today, I had an incident at SOS-Naga City again. My newly-bought UPS turned out to be defective. After conversing with the proprietress, I gathered that: 1.) They will send it to Manila on Monday and it will take at least three weeks before a replacement arrives 2.) They cannot replace my unit right there and then because they won’t be able to extend warranty to the next costumer 3.) This practice is accepted nationwide 4.) They sell different brands and so I should have chosen the more expensive one because it will perform better, 5.) I’m not really so aggrieved because I have used the product 6.) SOS-Naga’s procedures and policies are always right

Now this is not the first time that this happened so I am not surprised. My mistake is that I am too loyal a costumer. Here are my comments on the matter.

1.) It is great that they assured me that they will send it to Manila on Monday. But this will not ensure that it will be replaced soonest. This means I will have to use my PC without back-up power. I bought the unit only last January 7, it was mid-February when I learned that there might be a problem (when it failed to back me up), but I gave it the benefit of the doubt (perhaps it was undercharged or discharged).

2.) They seem to be more concerned of the costumer who is yet to spend his or her money than the one who has already given them income.

3.) I think there is a nationwide problem then.

4.) And so the costumer is blamed for buying the cheaper product.

5.) I don’t really want to use my UPS because that would practically mean there’s power interruption (it’s built for that). In effect I only got to use it as a power regulator. When it had its rare chance (Sta Cruz rarely has power interruptions) to perform, it failed miserably.

6.) I was told that ‘Mayo kaming salang procedure’ (We have no wrong procedure/replacement policy). And so the costumer when encountering warranty problems, is always wrong. Not a nice policy really.

Nothing personal, just my comments and arguments, but then my computer is personal.






  1. Vic Nierva said

    padi, kumusta an palihan? maray an feedback sako. i hope pagbalik ko diyan anytime this end of march, makaiba ako saindo, it’s such a pleasure to have more and more beginning writers around. salamat sa mga pagpupursige. si certificate ko, pagbalik na lang.

  2. hagbayon said

    Ok ako, medyo busy lang. Sige, join us next time, March 24 na siguro an sunod. Ill invite more. Thanks.

  3. tomachfive said

    It’s going to be one heavenly ride!

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