February 9, 2007

We are often led to think that language art is always in writing or in the written form. And worse, that Philippine literature is only English (plus other Western languages) and Tagalog. This could be a manifestation of our cultural disorientation brought by our colonial past. Now, there are movements aiming to reclaim native literary practices for a more significant and grounded study of literature. This means, we also ought to examine works written in the other Philippine languages besides Tagalog/Filipino including existing oral traditions.

I should like to say that oral traditions are an integral part of contemporary literature albeit with colonial infusions. They may come as prose, poetic and dramatic or a combination of all these. Examples are the Chanters of Baao and the Pasyon experts. We can also include the tigsikeros and the riddlers (patood).

In this light, I would like to invite you to a lecture by Dr. Cyril Conde entitled “Bikol Oral Narratives” to be held on February 15, 1:30-4:30 pm, Thursday at the Ateneo de Naga University (OB112). I will serve as reactor and will also share a lecture called “Oral Traditions and Bikol Printed Poetry.”

See you there!


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