December 28, 2006

To all credit card holders who would like to visit The Coffee Beanery in Avenue Square, Naga City: You will have to make a minimum purchase of PhP300.

Keep this in mind otherwise just bring cash. We went to the place yesterday and asked an attendant if they allow credit card transactions. The answer was yes, but we were not forewarned about this policy and there was also no poster nor sign that said: PhP300 minimum purchase for credit card users. Worse, we were told by the cashier that they were simply upholding a directive from the credit card company. We asked for proper paper trail/document that would affirm his assertion but he could not provide any. He forwarded the matter to the store owner. We soon received a call from the proprietor (and this was admirable). But she refuted the stand of her own cashier and said it was their own policy not a directive from the credit card company. She also saw it unnecessary to post a reminder of any kind for credit card holders.

Of course we disagree with this notion. Since it was not a directive from the credit card company and only a policy by the store there would be no other way for the holder to know about it except from the store itself. They must device some means to forewarn the card users. In our case, we had to buy another product just so that we could finish the transaction. This caught us offguard and it was quite inconvenient. We were not planning to order another item but we were compelled to.

Naga City is becoming ultra-modern just like Makati. Avenue Square is a cool addition to this trend. Bank to bank transactions are common in a metropolis and establishments such as Coffee Beanery are expected to effect proper measures. In this case, CB attendants should have given the costumers adequate information with regard to this self-crafted policy for card holders. Otherwise it would be tantamount to misrepresentation and deception. The costumer has the right to decide how much to spend. In our case, had we known about the policy, we could have walked out of the place and looked for an ATM or another cafe without the aforementioned policy.

Now what came into our minds, why did we go to The Coffee Beanery? First, we were looking for a place with wi-fi internet. We had to send an important document to a company. Second, I recommended the Avenue Square and of course, The Coffee Beanery.

Truly, this new place is becoming a preferred destination. But as costumers we can still give feedback and suggestions so that it can serve as better in the future. For a high-end place we expect premium service. And this applies both for cash and card holders because the latter is not necessarily inferior to the former.



  1. tom said

    Just dropping by bro! Nice Blog!

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