December 23, 2006

And so I’m back from Manila after a rigorous research schedule. I found out that our National Library pulls out theses and dissertations submitted from 1989 earlier. They are now listed simply for record purposes. Now I had to visit the FEU Library for Azucena-Graco Uranza’s study of Bikol riddles from Sorsogon. I also was able to study Susana Cabredo’s study of the tigsik in the Ateneo de Manila Library.

I have to mention here that I had a positive impression on the staff (even the guards) of Ateneo de Manila, particularly the Rizal Library. Due to my stupor after finding out that some of the things I needed to look up in the National Library have been pulled out, I left my ID in there. Good thing that AdeMU people knew how to listen to explanations. I found what I was looking for in no time (for free).

In FEU, there was much delay. I had to pay P40 along with other FEU students (who were paying their tuition) and stand in line for more than 30 minutes. But then again, it was quite considerate of them to allow me do research in their library.

I want to take note how aesthetically endowed the FEU campus is, green and gold harmonizing with art deco architecture. It was such a feast to the eye. The school is still home for artists and writers. They still have regular theater productions in their auditorium and an active publishing outfit coming out regularly with journals, textbooks and literary titles.

Above all, it was great to be back in Sampaloc, Manila. I went back to the places where I used to stay. Sadly, most of them were no longer there. Gastambide has morphed into a highly-urbanized area, and now it looks like a street in Makati. I remember when I was there as a young premed student. It was a very poetic place.


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