November 13, 2006

November brings sudden rains and cool winds. Just when sleep is restful and interesting, we awake to the end of halloween and semestral break. It’s time for work and study again. It was Gibran who said that the indolent is lonely, for while the world is alive and working, he is left to himself.

Work also means having to follow some rules and policies and also having to question them. But always keeping in mind that we do this for the betterment of all. Indeed, some policies are meant to be over-ridden or better yet, changed. And we must take courage to voice out our ideas. This way, we truly live.

Incidentally, my poem ‘Panonood’ appears in the November 12, 2006 issue of the Philippine Panorama. This is a good thing because the poem encapsulated my philosophy with regard to pornography and scandal flicks. There’s also another literary output related to it, another poem, “Pagtatanghal”.

I will also start screening the entries for the 2006 OragonRepublic.Com folio. We plan to publish it next month, before the year ends. Let’s support Bikol literature and for those who would like to help us publish it (in cash or in kind) so that we can distribute copies for free, just visit our Web site.


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