October 19, 2006

At last SOS has replaced my 128MB RAM. Now I’m back working.

To seal this fortunate event is an LBC package from my Esmi mailed from Davao (She’s back in Makati now). By the looks of it, I have a month-long supply of GenSan Tuna, siram! I also have a new shirt to wear tomorrow and it will sure make me look like a hip Mt Apo climber. Also, when she was there in Mindanao doing field work, I often lost track of her whereabouts, so she sent me keychains and magnetized keepsakes from Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Butuan and Camiguin. Mabalus, Bibi, you brought me Mindanao in a package.

Now we got some info on the Mundag Literary Awards, a contest sponsored by The Pillars of Ateneo de Naga University. Entries in the Essay, Fiction, Poetry and Drama written in English, Filipino but preferably in Bikol are welcome. There is also a category for the visual arts. The contest is open to all Ateneans (alumni and current students) only. Deadline is on November 5, 2006. For more information write or visit


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