October 1, 2006

Went to Manila last Saturday and did some Bar-Ops last Sunday. We observed how people make a big deal of the law profession. After-all, it is still a favored career. Most of our leaders are lawyers and it would not be a surprise if their sons and daughters were among the barristers this year.

We planned to drop by CCP last Monday to get our copy of Ani 32 where our 3-page poem, ‘Hagbayon’ is printed. However, we learned that CCP is closed during Mondays and so we opted to attend the launch in Conspiracy Bar come Tuesday. We rode with the literary division staff aboard the CCP bus and arrived at the venue early enough to witness Nyoy Volante shooting a music video.

Gary Granada and Noel Cabangon performed prior to the readings. The event was hosted by Manolito Sulit and Dr. Luis Gatmaitan. The readers were Jose Jason Chancoco, Rogelio Braga, Dexter Cayanes, John Torralba, Jun Balde, Genaro Gojo Cruz, Nestor Lucena and Nonon Carandang. Reader-contributors were each given copies of Ani 32.

For his part, editor Herminio Beltran thanked all those who made the project possible including UP-ICW for arranging with Conspiracy as venue for the launch. He also invited prospective contributors for next year’s issue.


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