August 3, 2006

The Red Room used to be one of our tambayans when we were still in Manila. It was the hang-out of RL14, a group of young scriptwriters, directors, actors (what not?) who studied under Ricardo Lee. Most of us were night owls, the place being dark, it was a bit hard to tell the time outside. 

It was also the meeting place for would-be film makers. Such that there is now the thing we call Red Room productions. It is owned by Meyor Sanchez by the way, and not the Calawan retard.

We loved the video games with Dau ming wong, Alvin, Grasya and Al. We loved the film orgies too and of course, the parties.

Now on Saturday (that’s tomorrow),  Meyor and Pam will celebrate their birthday at 5PM. Pre-productions for their new short films will also be done. So far there’s a long list of names from the group with films qualifying and winning prizes at various local and international film festivals.

Happy birthday, Meyor and Pam. Goodluck!

Now our writer-friend Angelo Ancheta wrote an entry for us in the Wikipedia please check it. Also you may want to buy today’s issue of The Daily Tribune because our article “Kiddie Rhymes and Poetic Consciousness” appears in the Life Section.

Meanwhile, another diona:

Pag nagrarawitdawit,
Ading rira ko lubid.
Kunu ka mabibitik?


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