July 12, 2006

We attended a book launch today by Fr Wilmer Tria right there at the Madrigal Foundation. He came up with a book on Bikol philosophy entitled “Ako Asin an Kapwa Ko: Pilosopiya nin Tawo” published by the Ateneo de Naga University Press. The launch was well-attended by members of the clergy, some public servants, school heads, students and writers.

Rey Hernandez gave a ‘critique’ of the book. He later concluded that at the most, the book will make philosophy more intimate to the Bikol learner but still, the subjects remains to be something to be conquered.

Kristian Cordero and Frank Peñones gave poetry performances.

We have not read the book but basing from Fr, Tria’s short lecture, the book used Bikol elements in order to establish Bikol philosophy. Primarily, his main thrust was on the Bikol language–the use of ‘yaon’. ‘boot’ and ‘urag’ in philosophy. These elements were utilized in support Fr. Tria’s phenomenological schema.

What is Bikol philosophy and who are the Bikol philosophers? The books tries to answer these questions using elements in the Bikol language that could articulate Bikol thought.

We are not sure if the book represented indigenous thinking by referring to Bikol oral traditions such as the osipon and the ariwaga. Methinks that the epitome of the Bikol philosopher can be found among these literary traditions.

Also our article on the 3rd Juliana Arejola-Fajardo Workshop for Bikol Writing appears in yesterday’s issue (July 12) of The Daily Tribune. We would like to thank Ver Rivas, a poet-friend, for sending us an SMS about the publication.

Later together with Fer and Shiela Basbas we went to Lolo’s Bar in Avenue Square right there in Magsaysay. We had dinner courtesy of Roy and Monette Kurian. We found the new Lolo’s Bar as more conducive to diners rather than drinkers. But we did enjoy a some beer with the group. We chatted with Roy and gathered insights from him regarding the state of political affairs in the country. It’s good to listen to a foreigner when it comes to these matters.


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