July 8, 2006

How surreal it seems that just this morning we were at ultra-modern Makati. The FNF Blogging and Podcasting Workshop finished off well. We were given certificates right after we were asked to evaluate the workshop design and all other pertinent things about the workshop.This blogger never before attended a fellowship with the same level of generosity. The food and accommodations were great. Travel allowance was more than enough. And the equipments and lecturers were exemplary. It is also of note that the participants were of diverse backgrounds although most came from the Liberal family.We also did not miss to meet some friends in the area. That is why we were saying that Makati is so surreal for us, because as Mimi Lacambra remarked, it is an ‘illusion’. And it seems that in this City, one will never feel that ‘Naghihirap ang Pilipinas’, as Mimi said. We can only agree with her. The standard living of the city is of the high-end. Coming from the NAIA, we took an expensive taxi to Makati. While coming from Naga Airport going to our Sta Cruz apartment, we only took a pedicab and a mini-bus.We sorted out the stuffs in our baggage and found a keepsake from the Foundation. It’s a CD containing our pictures, lectures, podcasts and softwares. Here are some of the photos: dsc04154.JPG Major problems in the Philippine political context that we had to do a podcast on


Dr. Ronald Meinardus, FNF resident representative in the Philippines


Mr. Manolo Quezon giving a lecture on blogging as political tool


Participants Mr. M. Husni Thamrin of Indonesia and Ms. Sung-eun Lim of Korea


Hagbayon from Japan, hehe dsc03992.JPG

Mr. Abe Olandres lecturing on the technicalities of blogging


Mr. Angelo Racoma sharing his expertise on podcasting dsc04205.JPG



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