July 6, 2006

We have just presented our podcasts. We revolved around the issues of poverty, corruption and education. It is noted that podcasting needs voice talents. And in the case of this blogger, a little more practise would be good. Dr. Meinardus remarked that although I have quite a ‘genius’ as a writer there is some problem on the way I deliver words.

Truly, we have to choose if we are for blogging or podcasting. My leaning of course, is on the printed tradition (though we have always considered the importance of organic and oral tradition).

Group two is now presenting their project. It’s an interview sounding more like a talkshow It’s also about brain drain, export of labor. There was a remark on cultural identity crisis and lack of nationalism/regionalism. However, it was also said that we were one united group before the Spaniards came, something this blogger is in disagreement.

More groups are set to present.


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