June 25, 2006

OragonRepublic is doing a repeat of the Writer’s Night held last December 2005. But this time, we are going to have it at Lolo’s Bar in Naga City. Shiela Basbas already talked with the management and we have finalized the schedule. It will be on July 19, 7pm onwards. Now that’s a Wednesday, so it’s going to be a midweek event.

But mind you, it’s still a ‘KKB’ thing. We are lucky to have a venue and for now we should be content with that. We will be inviting poets, musicians, dancers and theater groups along with people from the academe and the media. And yes, you are invited too for the open mic.

Yesterday we were with Fer, Shiela and Ringer of OragonRepublic. We dined at New China, the haven of nostalgic Nagueños, plaza Rizal debaters and beer drinkers. Later they had to close and so we transferred to Naga Green Resto for some coffee. We discussed some issues and yes, we are looking for sponsors for our second Bikol literary folio. Kindred spirits should just write this blogger or contact Shiela Basbas.

Now Ringer and I proceeded to a bar in Barlin St. for more beer. We noticed the increasing number of motorcycles and related accidents. We know that riding a bike is cool and soothing (both physically and psychologically) but LGU’s should make ordinances (helmet use, speed limits, restricted areas) in order to minimize these accidents. Sale and issuance of license should also be regulated by the LTO.

Personally, this blogger dislikes hyper-tripping bikers. They are a nuisance to the disciplined motorist and pedestrian. We have lots of these bikers along Ateneo avenue here in Naga City. Now I just miss that guy in P. Santos who used to kick riders passing infront of his house. And how happy I am whenever I see them meet minor accidents. Just last night, we saw how three drunk men went down twice with their bike when they have not even reached the main thoroughfare yet. I wonder if they got home in one piece.


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