June 24, 2006

Technology had been a puzzle for us lately. Our PC sort of stopped working all of a sudden, disturbing our daily routine and lifestyle. But now it's fixed, thanks to warranty deals and a little cash. Soon this PC's memory will be upgraded when the replacement arrives from Manila. It helps to have two 128MB memories working. And it would be best to have two hard disks. And no, we are not planning to save all of the Pinay Sex Scandals around.

It's sad that these 'scandals' are proliferating like a worm virus. It seems that sexual prerogative is tastier with geography in mind. It's like flavor of the month, or flavor of the place. As if the guys and gals from this school or this place work it better than the others. Or perhaps it's a deconstructionist scheme, reducing big names of schools, places and even love motels (hehe) into sex dens. Like a friend of mine in UP once said, 'The world revolves around sex.'

Now we got mail from Ian Casocot of Dumaguete. They need teachers there, here's the message:

for individuals to fill up full-time or permanent teaching posts
beginning with school-year 2006-2007:


* Male or female, with a Ph.D. in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, or
English (Language Studies)

* Communicates proficiently both orally and in writing

Please send resume to:

Prof. Andrea Gomez Soluta
Department of English and Literature
College of Arts and Sciences
1/F Katipunan Hall
Silliman University
6200 Dumaguete City

Or you can send the resume in MS Word or PDF format to the following
e-mail address:


For further inquiries, please call (035) 422-6002 local 350, and look
for either Mr. Michael Patron or Prof. Andrea Soluta.


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